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Terms and Conditions

Here you'll find our general trading conditions (AGBs), which apply while you are using services provided by Adria24.
Our general trading conditions (TOS) apply when you are using services provided by Adria24 GmbH.

The offer of Adria24 GmbH

Reservation over Adria24 GmbH results with a contract between the accommodation owner and the traveler (customer). Thereby Adria24 GmbH takes over the role of the mediator, by working on inquiries of any kind of the traveler, in the name of the owner.

The contractual obligation of Adria24 GmbH results from the normal agency of vacation accommodations. The owner of the accommodation answers for the provision of the booked vacation accommodation. The contact information of the owner the traveler receives with the booking voucher.

Tasks of Adria24 GmbH

Adria24 GmbH takes over those obligations, which stand in connection with the procurement of the accommodation. It is the task of Adria24 GmbH the available vacation-relevant information about the accommodations to publish on the internet and to advise the holiday-maker while he makes his choice. Thereby Adria24 GmbH is dependent on the statements of the accommodation owners and cannot be made liable for their correctness. Therefore Adria24 GmbH acts not as a tour operator, but as a travel mediator. The accommodation owners answer for the provision of the vacation accommodation.

The obligations of the traveler

The traveler is obligated to examine the reservation confirmation and in case of incorrectnesses or deviations to inform Adria24 GmbH. A reference to incorrectness or deviations, submitted after three days upon receiving the reservation confirmation, cannot be considered. The to late indicated incorrectness and/or deviations do not entitle for the resignation of the contract.

The traveler is furthermore obligated:

  • to possess valid travel documents, Visas or similar
  • to keep the tariff and foreign exchange regulations of the state, in which the resort lies
  • to cooperate with the accommodation owner and to abide the house order

In case of disregarding these obligations the guest carries the responsibility of possible consequences and is obligated, to be responsible for the developed damage. With the reservation confirmation the guest commits himself for the case that he somehow causes damage, to refund the owner on the spot the costs for the removal of the caused damage.

Payments at Adria24 GmbH

Payment and the terms of payment are determined by the owner/operator. For this purpose 2 options have been outlined:
Option 1: The customer must pay a deposit of 25-30% of the price, the balance will be paid directly to the provider on site. This option is more suitable for private account holders.
Option 2: The customer must pay a deposit of 30% of the travel price, the balance is due no later than 6 weeks prior to departure. This option is more suitable for commercial landlords.

In the case of both options: Unless a payment method is provided on site, all due payments can be made to the travel agency, who has been authorized by the relevant service provider.  All payments are exempt from charges effecting the payee. This is especially true in the use of payment systems such as PayPal ,Moneybookers, credit card payments and bank transfers.

Payments are due immediately upon receipt of the booking confirmation by the customer. Payment must be received within 24 hours from receipt of the booking confirmation by the travel agent. A the very least the one must make sure that the travel agent has been notified, within the aforementioned period, that payment was made - in particular this applies to bank transfers. If in Option 2, a booking is made within a period of 6 weeks prior to departure, an agreement is formed with the broker wherein the entire travel price must be paid as a down payment. In no event is the travel agency obliged to inform periods of grace. If the booking is made within a period of 10 calendar days prior to departure, it is the responsibility of the customer, with 24 hours of receipt of booking confirmation, to prove that all payments due have been provided. Otherwise the travel agency can cancel the contract.

The travel agent is entitled to cancel the agreed contract when payments due to said travel agent are not paid on time.

Costs regarding the changing of contracts, commissions and additional services:
In the case of changes with respect to the object/accommodation, holiday duration or the like, that are not enforced by a forced change and which are approved by the travel agent, the travel agent is authorized to charge on their own behalf a customer rebooking fee of €58.00 to the account the deposit was due on. In the case of late payment, the travel agency shall be entitled to cancel the transfer, without reinstating the original contract.

In the event of a change in person(s) and/or person(s) of the customer, the travel agent is entitled to charge the customer’s account an administration fee of €10.00 per person.

The customer does not have to pay the travel agency any commission.

For additional services that are provided by special request from the customer, such as assistance in the acquisition of travel documents, obtaining more complete information in the contract object and the like - these may require an appropriate amount of remuneration be paid to the travel agent.

For all payment due dates which expire without payment, a time extension is not permitted.
Some parts of the travel price are to be paid locally and this is subject to the contract for such things as: the rental of houses, apartments and the like, the remaining holiday balance due must be paid in full before the delivery of said contractual items. In addition the landlord may ask for a deposit, the amount of which depends on the type of object/accommodation and the occupant, said deposit will be returned at the end contract provided said object is returned properly i.e. in it’s original state.

Liability of Adria24 GmbH

Adria24 GmbH has to fulfill the obligations developed from the contract like an ordinary buyer. If Adria24 GmbH does not fulfill its contractual obligations duly, the traveler can require a redress. Adria24 GmbH can refuse the redress, if a unacceptable large expenditure is required. Redress can be carried out also in the form that an equivalent indemnification is payed. The traveler can reject the offered indemnifications only if the acceptance for a important reason is not possible to him. A liability claim against Adria24 GmbH because of light negligence is impossible. The liability from the provided service is limited to the height of the travel price, as far as the damage was caused neither deliberately nor by rough negligence.

Liability of the client

In case of eventual troubles connected with the service provided by Adria24 GmbH the traveler is obligated to do what ever he can to solve the problem and keep the damage as low as possible. The traveler is in particular obligated to immediately communicate any objection from the travel contract.

Key delivery, arrival and departure times, directions

The accommodation-specific informations like, from whom the traveler receives the keys, the time of arrival and departure, how he comes to the accommodation, and further travel-relevant details the traveler will receive either over the Internet, by telephone, by E-Mail on request or at the latest when reserving.

Rebooking and cancellation costs

In case of rebooking or a name change Adria24 GmbH can demand for this an extra charge (58,00€). If the traveler steps back from the travel before beginning of the journey or he does not start the journey, thus the travel mediator for his services raises a resignation fee, summed up with the demands of the owner of the accommodation determined according to the following table:

Days before travel arrivalPercent of the travel price one pays for the cancellation
Until 30 days before departure30%
29. - 22. day40%
21. - 15. day50%
14. - 8. day60%
7. - 1. day70%
on the travel day80%

Adria24 GmbH recommends the conclusion of a travel resignation insurance, in the case of a cancellation it takes over the costs of the traveler.

Inefficacy of individual regulations

The inefficacy of individual regulations of the travel mediation contract does not entail the inefficacy of the entire contract.

Requirements and limitations

Because of incorrect contribution of the travel mediation the traveler has to make requirements opposite Adria24 GmbH valid within a month after the contractually planned travel beginning. At expiration of this term requirements can be made valid against Adria24 GmbH only if the customer, without his fault, was prevented from the adherence to the period. Regardless of the managing regulations requirements of the traveler fall under the statute of limitations in 6 months. The statue of limitation begins with the day, on which the journey should begin as stipulated or began.

Applicable law and area of jurisdiction

On the entire legal and contractual relation between the traveler and the travel mediator Adria24 GmbH finds only German law applicable. The traveler can sue Adria24 GmbH only at its seat. For complaints of Adria24 GmbH against the traveler its domicile is relevant, that is, the complaint is directed against registered traders or persons, who do not have a general area of jurisdiction in inland, or persons, who after conclusion of the contract their domicile or usual place of residence moved abroad or their domicile or usual place of residence is not known at the time of the complaint. In this case the seat of Adria24 GmbH is relevant.